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Carl Nagle regularly rides motorcycles, and he has been an avid rider of street bikes and on/off road motorcycles for over 35 years. As a fellow rider, he knows what a biker faces when a driver turns into their lane. Carl understands riding dynamics and motorcycle safety laws as a biker, and as a personal injury trial lawyer. Carl also has experience working on the other side of these cases, having worked as a claims adjuster and as an insurance defense lawyer. When Carl was an adjuster, he worked for Progressive Insurance, the #1 writer of motorcycle insurance coverage in the nation. Carl now ONLY represents accident victims and their families.

Motorcycle accident claims are always assigned to the best and most experienced insurance adjusters. Because bike accidents result in severe injuries, the best adjusters are assigned to work hardest on these claims to find a reason to deny all claims, to blame the biker for the crash, or to trivialize the injury and minimize personal injury claim payments. Please don't trust the insurance adjuster who is being paid to oppose your claims! Call fellow biker and former claims adjuster Carl Nagle for your best plan of legal action.

In North Carolina, if you are just 1% at fault, you have no legal right to payment (even though the other driver is 99% at fault). Insurance companies know that many people are afraid to ride motorcycles, and they often deny fault even though the biker clearly did nothing wrong. Bikers should always avoid direct discussions with insurance adjusters during the days after a crash. One slight mistake can destroy your right to payment for bike damage and for your medical claims.

Motorcycle riders injured in accidents should contact an aggressive personal injury lawyer in every case. Legal consultations are free of charge, and can typically be accomplished by phone. Even if you decide not to hire an attorney, invest the time to talk with a victims' rights attorney so you can learn your best, most valuable plan of legal action.

Injuries from bike accidents are often severe. Our legal team deals ONLY with motor vehicle accident cases and we have in depth experience handling all types of complex medical issues. Our extensive medical experience allows us to collect the highest possible settlement for an injury victim. We know how to work with your doctors AND how to bring in other medical experts to compel the insurance carrier to understand the full severity of all injuries, and the true impact of the crash on your health and quality-of-life. We have worked with the best crash reconstruction experts to solidify proof of fault, and we also know how to build and present detailed medical evidence to show how your injuries will affect your FUTURE health.

The at-fault driver and their insurance carriers owe for your medical needs, income loss and suffering for the rest of your life. However, we must have admissible medical evidence confirming that your injuries will be lasting or permanent to collect these large cash payments. Our firm is highly focused, and we know exactly how to obtain and highlight this valuable evidence. Also, if the injuries will reduce your ability to earn OR perhaps allow you to work now but will likely require early retirement, we bring in Vocational Rehabilitation specialists and economic experts to enable us to collect future lost wages now.

If you need legal help, call now for a free legal consultation. If you decide to hire us, there is no legal fee unless AND UNTIL we collect money for you, and we can come to your home or workplace if this helps to get your case started. Most firms charge 33% of your settlement and don't help with property damage claims. We handle your property/bike damage claims for free, and our legal fee in the personal injury case is 25% of settlement. Why pay more?

Please invest the time to call us now 336-464-7722 for a free legal consultation!



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