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Our law firm ONLY handles motor vehicle accident cases. With this focus, we know how to develop the medical evidence to maximize the settlement value of every case we handle. We also offer a lower fee than most firms charge, there are no fees or costs unless and until we collect money for you, and we can come to your home or workplace if this helps to get your case started

Here are some important points to consider if you or a loved one suffered injuries due to a car, truck or motorcycle accident:

  • Every insurance adjuster you talk to is working to minimize your claim payments
  • Insurance companies don't legally owe you anything UNTIL the injury case goes through trial. However, they DON'T want you to take them to court and they WILL pay full value through a private settlement. If you present a strong personal injury case, you should expect generous settlement payment without ever having to file a lawsuit!
  • Attorneys typically pay for themselves by validating your threat of suit, by understanding and BUILDING the medical evidence to promote higher tax-free payments for pain and suffering, and by negotiating hard toward the highest possible settlement.
  • Most cases settle with no court involvement, and hiring an attorney does not mean you have to go to court
  • The best injury lawyers handle everything for you - all homework and all record keeping. You work with doctors to recover your health, and we handle everything else. Our firm also handles our clients' property damage claim for free, with no fees or costs charged for our help with vehicle damage/replacement claims.
  • Personal injury attorneys offer free consultations. Victims should always invest some time to talk with a lawyer by phone to learn how to safely deal with insurance adjusters, and how to secure maximum payment for all injury claims. Even if you don't hire a lawyer, the consultation is free and informative!
  • North Carolina has the harshest negligence law in the country - if you are just 1% at fault for your accident, you have no payment rights whatsoever! Insurance companies always try to place partial blame on the victim so they can deny all claims. Do not admit to wrongdoing and never provide recorded/written statements without advice of counsel!
  • Nagle & Associates charges a lower fee than most firms, 25% of settlement and 33% if the case must be tried to collect full compensation. Most firms charge 33% of settlement and 40% of a trial result. Our fee allows you to keep more of YOUR money
  • The money you receive from a car accident settlement is tax free
  • Health insurance covers accident related medical care, but they often show up later asking for a large share of your settlement. Attorneys can help to avoid or minimize these claims which puts more net money in your pocket after settlement.
  • One call to our firm handles everything - we stand ready to begin working for you now with no up front costs, and we are glad to report your claims, help you get into a rental car, and handle everything for you immediately!
  • Because we only handle motor vehicle injury cases, we have in-depth medical knowledge and experience. We know how to work with your doctors and how to bring in outside medical experts to show how your injuries impact your past and future health, your ability to work, and your overall quality-of-life. We develop and highlight medical evidence to compel a settlement that reflects the full extent of your injuries and suffering.
  • Carl Nagle wrote the book "North Carolina Auto Accident & Insurance Law". He knows how to locate and collect from multiple insurance policies, and how to identify and pursue all parties who might be responsible for your losses. These steps are critical in the effort to maximize net settlement payments for our clients.

Hire a former insurance defense lawyer to fight the insurance adjusters who will oppose your claims. Call now at 336-464-7722 and we will explain how to collect maximum payment on all of your accident and insurance claims!


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