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In the moments following a serious motor vehicle collision, victims deal with confusion and chaos. In addition to the fear and uncertainty, they are dealing with physical pain. Their lives have changed, and they are not sure where to turn.

For more than a quarter of a century, North Carolinians have made the right choice in contacting Nagle& Associates for help.

Comprehensive Experience. Unique Insight.

Few personal injury attorneys possess the insight that Carl Nagle enjoys. For several years, he was not only a claims adjuster working in the insurance industry, but he also litigated cases as an insurance defense attorney. His unique point of view provides him a comprehensive knowledge of tactics employed by his former peers who are now opponents.

That high level of insight has paid off for area accident victims. Nagle& Associates, the law firm he established, has secured in excess of $300 million in compensation for Winston-Salem residents and others throughout the state.

Our law office also stands out because we charge less. Catastrophic car, truck or motorcycle crashes are costly enough, both physically and financially. Medical bills, lost wages and other financial headaches are in the future for accident. With that in mind, we  only charge 25 percent of the settlement if we win as opposed to the 33-40 percent a majority of lawyers charge. 

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To schedule a consultation at our office or a location convenient to you, contact Nagle& Associates at 336-723-4500 or toll free at 800-411-1583. You can also reach us via email.

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